How To Decide What To Wear For A Sangeet!

The ‘sangeet’ is the one guaranteed time slot in the wedding celebrations where the couple, their family and friends actually celebrate. It’s a flexible occasion where the couple and their families can change the rules around to reflect their personal styles (and also to fulfill their hidden Bollywood ambitions)


For the guests, it’s often their favourite function to attend; there’s a general buzz of revelry in the air, plus often a well –stocked bar. And let’s to forget, there are the performances by uncle-aunties, the groom’s really cute friends, the bride’s pretty cousins, and random kiddos – all inspired by a variety KJO movies and whatever Deepika is dancing to these days.


Finding the perfect sangeet outfit to strut around in can be a challenge. You want to be noticed, but not for the wrong reasons. Be glamourous, yet not at the cost of your comfort. And we’re here to help you find that balance:

1. “What’s the Occasion Anyway?”

Ask yourself : Is it a relaxed Mehendi–Sangeet? Or does the invitation suggest a more cocktail-y vibe to the event? Is it an function where you can expect a Honey Singh to take to the stage or is it a traditional Gujarati dandiya? Is there a theme? Are the families very dear to you? Answers to a lot of these questions can help you wisely select a sangeet outfiT;  Maybe that slinky translucent number could be avoided if everyone’s planning to getting their garba on.

sangeet outfit atul pratap chauhan photography
(c) Atul Pratap Chauhan
sangeet outfit atul pratap chauhan photography
(c) Atul Pratap Chauhan

2. “To Saree or Not to Saree?”

The saree isn’t the ideal sangeet outfit if: a) you are to perform on stage b) plan to dance the night away c)  can foresee yourself as pretty drunk by the end of the night. It’s that sangeet outfit which needs proper management

The saree is the ideal sangeet outfit if a) You’ve worn one many times and are very comfortable carrying one off b) It’s super well pinned and tied c) You’re not much of a rager dancer

wedding salad sangeet outfit

An anarkali, floorlength, sharara, kalidar or an airy lehenga are more befitting. If you’re really interested in pushing the style envelope, a crop-top and skirt,  sharara-jumpsuit or pant saree can look really chic too

3. “Are you on…stage?

If you’re performing on stage, it would be nice to wear something a little more eye-catching than usual since a lot of people would be watching you (and we all know weddings are a hot space for ‘love at first sights’ and ‘rishta hunting’  with so many eligible young men and their mothers around). Lehengas, anarkalis, shararas, if not too heavy, can add to your grace while performing. Lehengas, can also camouflage a lot of the missed footwork too!

wedding salad sangeet outfit sonam kapoor wedding salad sangeet outfit sonam kapoor

4. “Colour me…?”

Your sangeet outfit is great opportunity to opt for darker colours like maroons, blues, blacks – which one avoids during the religious functions. Besides that, you can never go wrong with your typical festive colours.

joseph radhik sangeet outfit
(c) Joseph Radhik

However, if your friends are the kinds to pour alcohol mercilessly down your throat, (rather than those who let you nurse your champagne flute with poise all evening) choose your whites, pretty pastels or pieces with very delicate work, keeping your fabulous choice in friends in mind.


5. Make that STATEMENT!

Kaftan sarees?! Sheer Anarkalis?! Bustier Lehengas!? Harness Dupattas?! GO FOR IT!

With the outfit concerns under control, all that’s left is for you to truly truly enjoy the season of celebrations and soirees ahead. For that, we heartily wish you a high alcohol capacity, lots of energy and good luck!

Much love,

Devika x

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